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We recommend using scissors type trimmers for best results.

1. Locate the “quick” or the vein inside your pet’s nail before you start clipping.

This is fairly easy for dog’s with lighter nails, but for dogs with darker nails you may need assistance from one of our veterinarians. Trim 1/16” to 1/8” out from the pink area, always staying in the white area.

2. Hold the paw firmly in one hand and the trimmer in the opposite hand.

3. Gradually clip off the end of the nail. Carefully working your way back towards the quick, being careful not to cut too close. Remember, clip only in the white area.

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Click on the image below.

MAC - Nail Trimming

We also recommend having “Kwik Stop” styptic powder on hand or cornstarch in case you do cut into the quick. Place it on the nail for a few seconds and the bleeding should stop immediately.  If you do nothing, the bleeding should stop in 5-7 minutes.

If the bleeding does not stop call one of our veterinarians at 402-333-3847.

Note: The blood supply will grow as the nail grows.  If you trim a little off the nail every few days the blood supply will continue to recede. This will help to avoid cutting into the quick of your pet’s nail.

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