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The microchip pet identification system is helping owners find their pets. Microchipping is a permanent and affordable identification for your pet. We recommend using the microchip as a means to identify your pet.  It is reliable and uses a national data base for pet identification.  Collars and tags can fall off, get lost or be removed.  Tattoos can be expensive. They also can be altered and are difficult to trace.  The Nebraska Humane Society requires all cats to either wear collars or be microchipped.

The microchip is a unique, patented radio communication link that provides quick and reliable information used to identify an animal. A scanner is used to send a radio signal to the chip that prompts the chip to transmit it’s code back to the scanner.  The code is then read in the window of the scanner and traced by a national data base.  The owner can then be reunited with their pet.

The microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and is typically implanted with a sterile needle just beneath the skin between the shoulder blades. This procedure is similar to a vaccination and done by your veterinarian. Most animals do not react when the microchip is implanted.

At Mobile Animal Clinic we use the PetLink identification system.  Multiple data base systems can be confusing.  This is solved with PetLink. When the scanner is used on a lost pet, both the pet’s ID# and the data base phone number is displayed.  This leads to easier and faster reunions of pets and their owners.  More information about PetLink can be found at  www.datamars.com.

Your cost:  $45.00 with lifetime registration.

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Click on the Petlink logo to visit their website or Click on the DATAMARS logo for a product brochure.


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