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In June of 2013, Mobile Animal Clinic purchased a new digital x-ray system. The Cuattro system we are using is the only veterinary x-ray system currently approved by the FDA. This state of the art addition to our diagnostic equipment allows for better resolution and greater detail in the radiographs taken here at Mobile Animal Clinic. All our films are stored in the “cloud”, so they will always remain safe, secure and backed up off site. The radiographs can also be read by a board certified radiologist and the report is usually available within 3 hours. The confidence we have in the expert radiologist will allow for more accurate diagnosis with precise treatment in a timely manner.


Ultrasound is becoming more important in making the correct diagnosis of many heart and abdominal conditions. Dr.Robert Krapfl, an ultrasonographer with both experience and confidence in his diagnosis, performs all our ultrasounds and echocardiograms.

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