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A dedicated licensed veterinary technician will monitor your pet from induction of anesthesia through recovery. During anesthesia, all pets are continuously monitored for heart rate, temperature, oxygen saturation, and respiration rate.

Our anesthetic machines are of the highest quality. They have been recently upgraded and inspected. All animals undergoing anesthesia will be monitored with pulse oximeter technology.

Three qualities are of critical importance to us at Mobile Animal Clinic:

  1. Safe anesthetic drug protocols that match the type of patient with their current stage of life. These protocols must also reflect the type of procedure being done to maximize both safety and effectiveness.

  2. New modern anesthetic delivery equipment that can administer the anesthetic agent with precise accuracy.

  3. Monitoring equipment must be high quality and current with the latest technology to insure your pet’s safety during surgery. Our monitoring equipment measures blood gases, temperature, systolic and diastolic blood pressures, ECG, and respiration rate continuously through out the surgical procedure.

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