Medication Toxicity

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Apr 252014

Many of the medications that we use for ourselves and our pets can be dangerous when taken inappropriately.  Recently, here at Mobile Animal Clinic, we have seen several cases of  Vitamin D toxicity.  All three cases occurred when dogs got hold of their owner’s supplements.  Vitamin D overdose can result in kidney failure of not treated aggressively.

This is just one example of human medications that can cause toxicity, but there are many others.  Other medications that may cause problems include: anti-depressants, blood pressure medications, hormone and vitamin supplements, and pain relievers.  In addition to prescription medications, illicit drugs like marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamine can cause life-threatening reactions.Each drug causes a different reaction and clinical signs.

If you suspect that your dog or cat has ingested a drug, please call and speak with one of our veterinarians.  We will most often ask that you come in to the clinic so that we can induce vomiting to remove any remaining drug from the system prior to beginning symptomatic therapy.